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August 29, 2008


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Cactus Petunia

Ohhhh Yeah. I got my hair caught in a drill one time a couple of years ago...Thank God nobody was home to see me that time. There woulda been alot of "I told ya so's".
I managed to put the drill in reverse before I resorted to chewing off all my hair. Since then I've become a little more...shall we say...CAUTIOUS?


Remember, comedy = tragedy plus time.

I can totally hear the thwack-thwack-thwack of the mimeo machine and can even almost conjur the smell of the ink and the cool damp feel of the fresh pages. I am sure your cheek was a lovely shade of purple.

Kathi D

My neighbor taught art and shop classes. The girls had a tendency to get their hair caught in heavy machinery. I believe he had the same amount of empathy as the teacher in your story. Although he is a lovely man today and I'm sure he would be sad if I were to get my 1-inch long hair caught in his table saw.


Okay, is that the same thing as a "Ditto" Machine? That's what we called it in grade school, anyway.

So seriously. How high DID you get from the ink vapor?


Scary! I know a woman who had this happen to her. She was not so lucky. Her scalp was severely injured and she was unable to grow hair on a good part of her head. So she always wore scarves.


What I want to know is: how did she get that hateful purple ink off her cheeks? When I first started in grad school, we Teaching Assistants had to use the mimeograph machine for anything we wanted to hand out to our students. Yes, this was the 1990s. I KNOW. Anyway, the ink solution looked clear but left the most hideous purple stains on your skin, and you had to be really careful if you got it on your fingers and then scratched your nose or something before washing your hands because: shiny purple nose for a day or two! This Boz was pretty lucky if she escaped that fate too!!


Seriously funny!


texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

So funny. My grade school had one of those and they really could be considered a weapon.

Suz Broughton

HA! One of those "it wasn't funny then but yeah, it's pretty funny now" stories. Love those.
Thank you for posting the picture of Meatloaf. He probably only pulls his hair back (to avoid it getting caught) TWO OUT OF THREE times, which ain't bad.

all things BD

I'm pretty sure Meatloaf ATE the mimeograph machine.

Mental P Mama

I am so rattled today with this Alaska chick. I don't have the energy to understand. Sorry. But I luv ya!

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