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July 29, 2008


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The Mom Bomb

She was bitten by a snake AND DIDN'T KNOW IT?

I'm always thinking every little scratch on me is a deadly spider bite. Now I feel like a total wuss.


Just want you to know that I not only clicked all your links but also did a little research of my own on rattle snakes as I was really under the impression that a bite from them was not much worse than a bee sting. Yeah. Right. Whatever. Stupid girl who grew up in Georgia. What do I know from Cottonmouth? (That may be Water Moccasin to you.)

Anyhoo...got so interested in all the snakey stuff that I never made it over here to leave you a comment last night. But I did want to say that the reporters in your fair city need some spelling help (obviously, not your fault, but I thought it might make you laugh, which is why I'm pointing it out). To wit:

venum is a serious problem in snakes, and in articles about them, in more than one place

also: never use a turnicute to try to slow down the spread of venum if you are bitten by a snake. (no mention anywhere of whether a tourniquet is a good idea, but the turnicute -- which I can't help but pronounce in my head as turn-ee-cute, awww, so cute -- is mentioned at several points)

Should I email the poor reporter and suggest she use spell check before posting things on websites or adding copy to the side of the news reader's head? Or is that mean rather than helpful?


I don't think we have rattle snakes here in CT. Hope not! If I ever found a baby rattler in my shoe, it would be the last thing I would ever find as I would be dead from fright/shock. I really do not like snakes.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

My skin! It's crawling. Eeeee!


No. No. No. Snakes! I heard a rattler when we were camping in TX and that's all I needed. I think I was too drunk while camping in CA to worry back in the younger days!

And in the house? I can't even go there....


Oh, I love the snakes! I used to sit through high school science classes with the school's boa constrictor wrapped around my wrist or coiled on my head. Yeah, I'm weird like that - other girls were cooing over the rabbit and I went for the snakes. I'll spare you the tarantula stories.

My Mum was moving a woodpile at her house when she came across a cottonwatercoppermouthheadmoccasin snake. It glared at her in an unfriendly fashion, and she taught it some manners with a chunk of wood. Feisty, my Mum, and not prone to take any nonsense from a mere snake.

I am glad you've managed to remain perforation free.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Mental P Mama

How do you stay calm after that? I am so glad she's okay. Be careful. And stay out of the closet.

Snakey FingerPoot

Is there a rattler in my drawers or am I just happy to see you?

Alias Liz

60 vials of anti-venom?? That's scary. The article said to 'keep calm' if you're bit. I can't see that happening. If my tongue went numb I would start threaming like thrazy.


GAAAH! So, can I share my own snake story again, from May? http://tinyurl.com/63wuzn

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I can't watch Fox News (it is the law in my house) but I'd do it for you. Even if it means breaking the law.

Between the fires and the snakes you're living one dangerous life!

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