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July 23, 2008


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Drama Mama

I'm at the beach in Alabama right now and it is so hot and humid at 9pm that we would die if we tried to go out and have wine on the patio! However, the pool is nice!


The visual on the notes pinned to the children and pockets full of breadcrumbs? Hilarious. Thanks for the giggle... and the mid-vaca post!

Rick's Cafe

You've said your goodbyes, just let it go and get on with your vacation.

Some could consider your constant posting a form of an addiction....you may need an intervention.

Not your common intervention since you aren't hooked on things that are bad for your body, like fatty foods, alcohol and rock & roll - so all of that stuff will be with in easy reach as we 'break' you from your computer habit.

If the 1st round doesn't work, we'll make you sit and watch a movie without a phone, pda or laptop and then we'll take you to a bar and make you dance, ....alot!

And if all that doesn't work and we're really desperate, we'll force you to stretch out on a lounge, at the edge of the ocean where the waves are breaking and keep you and your husband there until you either finish the bottle of wine, the sun comes up, or one of the kids starts crying - which ever comes 1st.

We'll do what ever needs to be done to get you away from your computer .... because we love you!!
....and cause I think it'd be pretty fun watching you try to dance after drinking wine on the beach all night:)


I hope you think of me while you pass my house off the 5 freeway! Have a fun time.

Lard Ass Lover


Lotta dat goin round hea I DO believe.


Have a hoot and a holler!
Sounds like you guys will make it amazing no matter what.


...Yeah, that takes me back to the time I said, "gosh I wish I could take some of my butt and put it in my lips" and my then 7 yr. old stepson looked at me funny and replied, "but tj, your lips would be HUGE!"... :oD

...Enjoy your vacation and have fun! :o)



"Really big clothes..."

Sounds like something both my girls would say...before I placed them in the wayyyyy back seat in the Volvo!

Have a great trip. Enjoy the wine and scenery!

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Oh, the fun has just begun girlfriend...see you Friday. I can't wait.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Your daughter must be giving my daughter lessons. Or perhaps they've attended the same seminar. I am reminded all too frequently about my bad cooking, gray hairs, wrinkles and other indignities.

Have a wonderful time and don't feed any camels if that is an option. I learned the hard way on that one; just trust me.

Drama Mama

"got a bit chilly?"
In my dreams!!!!It's over 100* here during the day and about 80* at night!


"REALLY BIG suitcase."

good thing we all have healthy levels of self esteem for our kids to pick apart, piece by piece ;-)

have fun. try.


24 hours from now our own Sweaty Car Odyssey gets underway!


Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

The San Diego Wild Animal Park? That's in my 'hood!

Suz Broughton

What no raw meat necklaces? You are such a softy.
Drive safely!
Can't wait to meet you. Like really, really meet you.
WARNING: I'm bringing my video camera so make sure to primp.

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