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July 01, 2008


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Sounds like your dad and my dad would get along famously. HA!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

OK. That's it. I need to meet--and possibly marry--your Dad.

A vacation to a tropical island without family? Alone? With only yourself to consider? Did I just hear someone say "heaven?"

Weird is just relative, you know. Weird is RELATIVES but it is also relative.

Aliaz Liz Jones

I'm really jealous of that vacation. Your father sounds delightful. Swams, I also had to chase cows a few times. So, I say that it's normal to say that he's weird. I felt the same way about my father as I chased wayward cattle.
Alias Liz


From the sound of it he's a genius!


Hailing from good Dutch stock as I do, I completely agree with your dad! And my hubby, being British nods in agreement on the French and their damned T's!

Your dad and his complete randomness rocks!

Mantel Man

I've never heard that story before, but I actually wrote something similar in an on-line magazine article about a performance of Jan Sibelius, the Finnish composer:

"The Finns must have invaded Poland and made off with half of their vowels."

It seems the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. Darn it.


Do ALL daughters say their dad is weird?

The only alternative to weird is normal. And that is not nearly as much fun!!!

KD (A Bit Squirrelly)

My dad has some "Dumb Dave" stories that I must record him telling one of these days...I think our dad's would get along.


Well, I think the Dutch just have too many consonants all together and need to get together with some people who are overrun with vowels. Russians? I'm not sure. Anyway, I get your dad's point too...


Perhaps Dad has just discovered the best way to maintain a healthy marriage. VACATION ALONE!

Rick's Cafe

Would have loved to see the cocktail dress and stilettos, but I was on vacation....down in the Caribbean. hmmmmmm?!

Mental P Mama

I think your Dad is brilliant. Really.


I love your Dad! Truly enjoy being around this type of person who just throws out random stuff...kind of like his daughter LOL!!

I'm also getting the vacation alone too!!! On a beach in St. Martin...yeah, I could go for it :)

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