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July 10, 2008


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Alias Liz Jones

I am so late wishing you Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to You. Did you spend the last 22 minutes playing with fancy schmancy tech gadgets?
Love and Belated Wishes,

Mantel Man

I've seen your driveway, and I can say that it's more of a threat to Foolery than anyone else.

I took one look at it and, uh, I ran.

"Mullah, yeah... ten G's, yeah..."

Ok, Where Was I?

Well I see that you at least celebrated the last few minutes drinking. Ha, ha, ha. I almost missed saying Happy Bday on the actual bday. Technically, I did miss it here, as it is now tomorrow. But there, I believe, I'm in just under the wire. And no, I haven't been drinking. Can you believe it? Hope it was/is a good one.

Cactus Petunia

That was sooo funny! Where do you come up with this stuff? (I'm beginning to suspect that those fires down there are burnin' more than just trees) Happy Birthday!

heart shaped hedges

43? HOw is it? Ill be there in a few months.....

Happy Birthday, I hope it's the best yet!!



You got just three years on me Ms. Lagmore, but you look waaaay younger -- 43 looks AMAZING on you, sister!

And Dubya has MY interest at heart?!? Wait, did I read that right?!? Pie DOES make everything better, I will admit -- if we were neighbors, I'd be over with a slice and a few candles and maybe some vino.

YOU are HI-larious!

PS -- thanks for Stumbling my insane video :)


NOOOOO! I mean the 12th anniversary of my TWENTY-NINTH birthday, not 39th! GAAAAH! I just added a decade! Holy crap!


OK, that was hilarious; a very inspired post.

And happy birthday, fellow July baby! I myself will be observing the 12 anniversary of my 39th birthday in two weeks. :-)


Bwahahahahahah!!! And, umm...

(humming tunelessly)
Hippo Birdie two ewe
Hippo Birdie two ewe
Hippo Birdie deer ewe
Hippo Birdie two ewe

Shade and Sweetwater,
K, who is finally younger than a fellow bloger, although not by enough



Oh and have yourself an extra glass of whatever you're toasting with tonight, 'cause you'll need it after dealing with TypePad's neato (NOT) new compose editor....the very same one that ate my post last night.

Hope your day is less smokey and ash filled as well!


Happy Birthday coming from Ask Grandma J's site :)

Hope it's filled w/fun and no missile attacks!

Mental P Mama

Well I'm glad somebody is prepared...thanks for the shout out, and a BIG HAPPY HAPPY to you! I am going to have a glass of wine for lunch in your honor;)


WHAT?!! foolery... under attack...?!?!
I'm normally the consciencious objector type, but for foolery... where do I enlist (I actually have MAD automatic weapon skills: http://mamamo.blogspot.com/2008/06/freestylin-r-r-r-random.html )
Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Let me know what you decide to do, 'cause I only have 2 more months (I'm slow).


...Gheeee! "Happy Birthday Miss Fool'ry!" (*now singing deep base*)..."and many more!" ;o)

...Great post as always! You ROCK! And I'd shoot off a foot to knock off a few years...not a whole leg but a foot...

...Birthday Blessings to our Queen of Snarky... :o)


Happy Birthday. I hope you have a beautiful day : ).


Happy B-Day!

No missiles aimed this way please..



I wish I felt like I understood the rest of your post, but I'm so tired right now from being awake for well over two hours in the middle of the night with a screaming toddler that my brain is set to Sluggish-is-a-Gift-Be-Thankful.

But I did get the birthday part. I'm eBaking you Almond Roca cupcakes with mile-high homemade icing. Enjoy!

Rick's Cafe

Birthday spankings?

Big Hair Envy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day is luxurious :) If not, there's always alcohol.

Grandma J

Happy Foolery Day! I mean Birthday Foolery.

You are the most clever of the cleverest....and Condi Rice is jealous...as am I!

Have a great day and just so you know, some people would shoot off their own right leg to be 43!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Happy Happy Birthday to you. I sincerely hope you have a relaxing, FUN-filled, bullshit-free day. You deserve it.

I'll lift a glass in your honor this evening. Or this afternoon. Or maybe two glasses.

Happy Birthday.

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