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June 17, 2008


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Such a loverly post!

Somewhere in the world, I have a half brother. We have never met, that I know of - he was born long before my brother or I when my Mum was young, and he was given up for adoption. I often wonder about him...I feel as if apart of me is missing. Is that weird?

It's wonderful that you can connect with your sister - I wish you much joy of her!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Jessica Keith

Aw, that's a great post. She sounds like a wonderful person. I never had a sister, but I got a sister in law when I was really young, and then there's my step-grandmother that's my age... I haven't really started peeling the layers offa THAT onion yet.
And for the record, I think you were my second reader too. :)

Grandma J

I am in awe of you. This is a beautiful raw piece of love, written for everyone to feel. I hope Beth knows how fortunate she is to have such a deep feeling sister.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Dear Beth,
You have a fantastic sister and I can't wait to hear more about you.

Deaar Bumpkin,
I can teach you how to play that banjo. Purty darn good.


What a great tribute to your sister. So glad the universe brought you back together.

Mental P MamaM

What a great post. I didn't meet my two half sisters until our father's funeral. Yep, funeral. It was indeed a thing of the past generations...but we were pleasantly surprised at how much we a) had in common, and b) looked alike! Good for you!


I'm gonna cry. That was beautiful. I love you, man. I love Beth..I love my family. I love everyone...

Ok, Where Was I?

What a great post. You tap into all those dilemmas regarding what blogging is about--how much to reveal, what parts of your true life come to surface here. Gets one thinking....


What a lovely post, and I hope that Beth reads it. I'm sure she knows these things, but it is so nice to put them out there, especially given how close you seem to Mantle Man. As someone with two sisters, I can only say that I hope you have as much greatness grown between you and Beth as my sisters and I have.

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