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June 17, 2008


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Mary Alice

People leaving their closet doors open, that drives me nuts...and I have to make sure the throw pillows are all perfect, can't stand to have the helter skelter.

sue bull

lids left off breakfast spread jars after toast has been made, kitchen cupboard doors left open, supermarket trolleys parked in the middle of the aisles...i could go on forever!!!


Well, I truly DO have OCD, so my list would send you running for the hills.

One of these days I may just get brave enough to make a list. And then you'll see what I'm talkin' about.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this. Shoes. If they're in my room, on the floor, they must ALWAYS be flipped over at night. In case the boogeyman magically appears in them.

Told ya.


I'm an out of the closet song-grammar corrector too. My daughter loves to watch me contort as she sings the Ying Yang Twins song with the lyrics, "You can't be serious. . .Yes I is!" (Ack--I can barely even type it.) And don't get me started on dangling modifiers. Okay. . .so at the risk of sounding all stalker and weird, I've given you not one, but three links to my quirkery.





having found you all, i feel a bit like the bee girl in the "no rain" video. ah, it's like a support group for people who can't stand effing caillou :-)

i feel the love.


Raw potatoes - can't touch them, not the inside of banana skins, yeuch.

Dentures - just GROSS me OUT. Which is unfortunate, as when some old biddy was choking in public, I fished out the chicken bone, she vomited. Into my HANDS. Including her dentures. The chicken bone didn't kill her, but Im pretty sure she went instantly deaf as I raced screaming into the distance (trailing a stream of puke, tossing her teeth to the four winds).

My cups - handles all to the left in the cupboard.


Oh GREAT, thanks a lot, Wreke. Now Jessica and I are going to have that damn Caillou song stuck in our heads for, like, EVER! Although I much prefer your lyrics to the original.

Rick's Cafe

I'd guess that a few of my 'issues' would be less noticeable if marching bands were popular past school age. Seems as though a lot of frustrations get vented in the precision.
Thank goodness for small town, city park bands - a little something is better than nothing.


No, Wreke -- it makes you a HERO. I hated Caillou, too.


heh. i thought i was the only one who made up new words to songs. evil ones.

i went through a phase when i hated watching one more PBS kids show. there was one show in particular i couldn't stand: caillou. caillou, if i may say this about a 4 year old cartoon boy, is a major wuss. so i made up words to his theme song.

original song:

i'm just a little twit.
i don't know any shit.
i'm such a pussy, i'm CAILLOU.


does this make me a bad person?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

tj, it isn't pretty.

In fact, it's abnormal and I just try and keep the clicking fingers out of sight. It's a full time job. Ten seconds to Wapner.

Jessica Keith

Oh wait, I forgot one of the best ones. I always look for faces in wood grain and in popcorn ceilings, and I usually find lots.

Jessica Keith

Oh fun!
*Bare feet on cotton sheets make my toenails and teeth itch.
*I have conversations with people all the time in my head, but they are always in written form, and if I change my mind about what I would say, I have to mentally erase until I get to the right place. And this has happened since way before blogging.
*I chatter my teeth to the beat of whatever song is playing in my head. And there always is one.
*The inside of my pinky toe is really soft, and I rub it without realizing it whenever I watch tv.
I have lots more, but really, I need to keep a little self-respect here.


I hate taking showers (okay, you can stop laughing now! ewww), but I take them nonetheless. I hate the initial feeling of being sprayed with the water. It almost hurts, even if the water is the perfect temp. Baths are better, but I still don't like that initial "getting in" sensation. Oh, yeah, I'm A TON 'O FUN at the swimming pool. It takes me a month to finally get all the way in. So embarrassing.
I won't write with red pen or pencil. It makes me really uncomfortable.
I hate cooked raisins, like in coffee cake or bread. The sensation of a cooked raisin touching my teeth makes me cringe.
I could go on, but I'm depressing myself.
But I loved your post!

all things bd

My biggest one is being unable to set the thermostat on my van or my house to an odd number. It ALWAYS has to be even. I tried to break out of this recently, and COULDN'T do it.


People on fire. Yes, thats right, I cannot stand to see people on fire. If I am walking down the street and I come upon someone on fire I just HAVE to put them out. I don't know what it is, but I just feel compelled to extinguish them. That is why people often see me carrying a fire extinguisher.

The Mom Bomb

Fear not. There's a touch of OCD in every genius. Or at least that's how I rationalize it.


All y'all are TOO MUCH. I would sync perfectly with each of you about 40% of the time, and spend the other 60% driving you absolutely batty. Sorry in advance in case we ever hang out.


...Oh you all are greaaaaaat! Group {{{{{hug}}}}}!...lol... ;o)

...Yeah, I have to have my towels folded a certain way. If they aren't, then I refold them all.
...I can't stand crooked pictures and I will do what I possibly can to get to the crooked picture and straighten it.
...I am the classic 'fringe straightener', I will straighten the fringe on a rug but I won't bend down and do it with my hands(that would be OCD), I'll try to nonchalantly straighten it with my foot.
...I rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher before washing after someone else loaded it.
...I always park in the same parking spot at the grocery store.
...I can't go to bed if there are shoes lying on the livingroom floor.
...Unless you're driving a car made before 1938 you had better use a turn signal before turning.
...I will clean up our table at the restaurant before we leave.
...If the windows are open on our house, I like all of them to be open at the same height.
...I love symmetry and order, I think they're cool. Shall I go on?

...Oh, and I would pay to see CBW's invisible typewriter in action. :oD


Bob Cleveland

And a neat garage with everything in its place kind of bugs me, too.

Bob Cleveland

I don't think I have any, but I do REALLY hate it when morons drive around with their fog lights on, when there's no fog. I guess they think it looks cool, but it makes them look like dorks to me.

If you want a REAL fun exercise, chew on a wad of aluminum foil.


When I walk on the treadmill, to music, I have to step LEFT on 1 and 3... probably from those marching band years.

When I hear a random tone, I need to identify what note it is (it's a perfect pitch thing, or relative pitch). And when I hear music "in my head" it's always in exactly the same key as I last heard it.

Misused apostrophes irk the ever-lovin' shit out of me. It's all I can do not to carry around a Sharpie and correct them all.

Can't stand to use my grandma's knife sharpener, which is these interlocking metal wheels, between which you slide the blade to sharpen it. Makes my teeth ache, but I hate a dull knife even more than that, so I do it. Or I make my husband do it.

Even more than THAT, though, I will turn spastic if I accidentally bite a metal fork or spoon while eating.

When someone else unloads the dishwasher and puts them away, I have to rearrange my cooking utensils so they are all in the right place (there are several crocks and a drawer).

Is that so wrong??


Well, there are quirks and then there is OCD.

My husband's therapist says OCD is diagnosed when it interferes with your life;when the quality of your life suffers.

So I'm thinking being a control freak/anal retentive person like when I have to do things in a certain order because it JUST MAKES SENSE OKAY?? But like, when my husband is upset because his feet aren't facing a direction that is "safe" and he has to go back and "re do" it over, and over, and over...and he's getting upset...well, then that makes my little "hangers in the same direction" quirk look like a walk in the park.

Cheryl McCoy

i have always wondered what the heck was up with that thigh slapping mania. if i had only known, i'd have slapped them for you.

she loves you, yes, yes yes.


Oh my, yer all crazier than I am.

Ha ha ha ha -- just kidding. But you were PREPARED, weren't you? Maybe it's that those of us who write about ourselves are keenly aware of our own weirdness and think that everyone else is just lying in wait to turn us in to the Crazy Authority.

Or maybe that's just me.

Thanks for these -- keep going! They're great!

Ok, Where Was I?

Vast pool of crazy--ha, ha, ha. I have no oddities whatsoever. None.

I'll have to think about it.

Jane McADougall

I hate clothes hangers lying around. I hate it when I give my money to a cashier and I say 'thank you' Thanks for what? Taking my money? Duh. I hate it worse when they say 'no problem' when I'm the one that's paying. Course it ain't a probem lugnut.

Rick's Cafe

ps. Glad you're back up and running!

Rick's Cafe

You're normal Grandma J, Pint size icecream has always been a single serving in my house. But then in my house, the 1 pound bag of peanut M&M's bareley lasts thru half of an action movie.

As for quirks - Is it quirky for someone to strike up conversations, revealing deep inner most secrets with complete strangers, when there is no common physical connection? Then yes, I've probably got a quirk or two also.


* I mutter like a crazy bag lady every time I hear the song "Isn't it Ironic" because the only thing ironic about that song is that nothing in that song is an example of irony, just bad luck.
* when I get coffee from a coffee shop, the little spout in the lid has to be EXACTLY directly across the cup from the seam in the cup, so that when I'm sipping at the front, the seam is at the back; I will turn any lid put on at the wrong angle
* blood doesn't freak me out, and I'm good in emergencies, but horror movies disgust me and war movies make me cry and cringe
* when I am very hungry I get crabbier than spit on a griddle

I'm sure there are more, but my children are doing their best to use up an entire bottle of glue right now, so I must run...


Well, I've already told you about the dishwasher thing (and the ear thing) -

I also need to have all the light switches in the down position, with 4 lights in the house on "double switches" this can get tricky.

I'm a little too messy to be truly OCD about much, but that doesn't stop me from re-folding the towels when my kids "help" with the laundry.


Ok first of all you had me crying because I share most of these. Counting is my biggie. I'll sit in a foreign "stall" of a washroom and count tiles on floor first, then ceiling. I talk to myself nauseatingly so, now with new "digital" hearing, I like to breathe like Darth Vader and listen to it over and over.

Grandma J

oops, was reminded of a few more.

I pick food like bacon and french fries up off my plate with my fingers and eat it,rather than use my fork.
I double dip.
I eat ice cream right from the carton because a pint is a single serving isn't it?

Grandma J

I won't drink tap water, but I do cook with it.
I hate being late.
I don't like it when others are late (without calling).
I sleep with the TV on.
I don't like talking on the phone, and have a zillion roll-over minutes.
I got rid of a land line phone three years ago. Don't miss it.
Suck my own tongue when I'm stressed.
I drive fast but defensive.
I'm impatient with slow drivers in the fast lane who make it their business to make sure the rest of us don't drive 1 mph over the limit.
I don't drink, but smoked for years.
I was told I snore.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I have so many quirks that I can't even get past the title of this post. I use that line from Rain Man whenever I'm giving my children a warning, such as how many minutes until bed or how many minutes until we have to leave. 15 MINUTES TO WAPNER, and then later 5 MINUTES TO WAPNER. ONE MINUTE TO WAPNER!

Or, I often have to repeat myself because, well, I just do, usually because they aren't listening. So, I'll say, Put on the blue shirt, not the gray one. Definitely not the gray one. Has to be the blue one. Get that at K-Mart. Definitely K-Mart.

I count things too, but probably the most noticeable quirk (aside from Rain Man Speak) is typing what I hear on an invisible typewriter (hands are not in typing position, but fingers are flying up and down). It can be something I'm thinking about or somethint someone's saying, but it's like my fingers are taking dictation.

I have issues.

Cactus Petunia

Ooh, I just thought of some more!
• My clothes are sorted by color in my closet
• My colored pencils and markers are sorted by color in my studio, as is all fabric

Pretty sure it's not OCD...just artistic temperament, right?

Cactus Petunia

• I iron my t-shirts, but I've recently stopped using spray starch on them
• I re-roll the towels after my husband rolls them up the "wrong" way (hey, they fit better on the shelf rolled up, and they look way cooler)
• I fluff the pillows and straighten the bedding on displays in department stores
• Symmetry is very important to me
• Grammatical and spelling errors on restaurant chalkboards MUST BE FIXED

OCD or simply nuts?

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