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May 01, 2008


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thanks for the direction! it's crystal now... well, as crystal as any of our relationships can be, anyway :-)


I SO do not understand this post. I have read it three times ago and I still don't get it. I'm sorry; I'm kind of stupid. But I think asshattery is a funny word!


I could, but you can't read.


Ok, OK, OK, I almost have the Nick Asshat thing down. Could you draw a venn diagram for further clarification.
Thanks, Gubby


I love your site....I do not understand the whole Nick thing. Must go read your archives!


Hey Miss Wreked!

I guess I haven't given a great explanation, so here's a sort of time line:

~ met Nick when we both worked at a gift store (I thought he was dreamy, swoon)
~ Nick got married
~ I bought the store where we had worked
~ Nick separated, came to my store to ask me out, swoon
~ we dated very casually 4 months before things got more serious (for ME, anyway) and only THEN did I find out he was a raging alcoholic
~ Nick introduced me to his good friend Chas
~ Nick cheated on me, it was OVER
~ I asked Chas out because we had really clicked
~ Chas and I have been together since 1994, married 10 years
~ Nick is one of a large group of Chas's old college friends, so we see him at weddings and parties
~ Nick is one of Chas's golf partners, and he calls to arrange tee times

I'm friendly to him when he calls, but I avoid him if I can. Does this help?

-- Laurie


ok, i need direction. i started to read other posts about nick asshat to find out how he is still in the picture, and i am confooosed. it's a little weird asking such personal questions to a person i have just "met", so i hope you'll forgive...

i read as far as your dating the then-married nick asshat (and i'm guessing you weren't married at that point ;-)... how is it that he's still in your life? did you meet your husband through him?

(and are you rolling on the floor laughing at this theory? ;-)


I love to answer the phone when it is indeed a blatant solicitor (usually comes up with private name/private number0 Being deaf I just launch into a "Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
the solicitors are slowly going away.
great post as always


My favorite phrase here is "all manner of telephone asshattery" -- excellent.

P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you: $1 coming your way. You know why. ;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Bleme? Sure, go ahead and bleme them. But don't forget to BLAME them.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Yes, please do. They are to bleme for everything.

The End.

p.s. Love how you wove "cheeky" into the story! I think it's my new favorite word.

Mental P Mama

I hate it when that happens. They need to make the font bigger. I will buy stock in the first company that figures out people over 40 need to see the screen too!

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