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May 07, 2008


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Jessica Keith

Can I tell you how shocked I am that the situation didn't end in at least a few punches? Nick doesn't seem the type to just walk away like that.


Now I'm beginning to understand. Pardon me if I missed this detail, but why is "Asshat" his name?

Madame x

Nick Asshat....eat your heart out.


phd in yogurtry

So when someone asks, "how did you and Chas meet?" .... you can just refer to your blog! Loved reading it.

Lucky boy, Chas : )

The Mom Bomb

Awww. A sweet and inspiring ending. From a big fat lemon comes a lifetime of lemonade!

This Nick guy, though -- would love a follow-up. He deserves his own mini-series.

And silly Foolery, you can HAVE the second collage! I popped it in the mail to you with the pears, and I'm thrilled to pieces that someone wants it. It's been sitting here for six months and if you don't take it, Hubs will use it for kindling, trust me.

Bob Cleveland


I note that the representative snapshot of Nick didn't reveal a hat. May I assume the reason to be that your last name of choice for him is indicative of where you told him he could put it?

Rick's Cafe

I don't know you and we live on opposite sides of the country.
Yet somehow you manage to describe important moments in my life, fairly accurately. Quit it.

Always wondered what my best friend and one of my girlfriends were doing at the bar together...finally know.....it was their 1st date.

....and my last name is NOT asshat.


I am betting Asshat is not married.
Laurie thanks for the great story... and all the ass pictures!

ahem... so then what happened?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

My bet is on "just drunk." Or, as they say around here, "paralyzed." (Same meaning.)

What a great story, and I am with the others - it can't end now.

ok, where was I

I love the threesome photo, but I do not like "the end" part. Can't you just keep going? Do we all have to have an asshat? I can't believe yours knew somebody that was obviously a great buy. My asshat only knew other asshats. And they often had asshat parties when I was away visiting my family.

Mental P Mama

Don't feel bad MommyTime, I don't know who Gubby is either. And, I used to date a drunk who looked like Steve Carell, too. Is Asshat married now? Inquiring minds...


This has been an excellent story, and you deserve some sort of prize or medal for your insatiable ability to find THE perfect ass photograph to go with every single Nick Asshat post you've ever written. I don't know how you do it.

And for the idiots among us who really can't get a grip, can you please clarify: are Chas and Gubby the same person or two different people. And if the latter, how does Gubby fit into this whole story? I'm sorry if the answer should be obvious, but I've read the whole Asshat series and I still an unsure. Or just stupid.

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