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May 09, 2008


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Mantel Man

Great stories, sis. Some of your readers' comments crack me up, too.

So when is "Mantel Man Week"?

'Course, I wonder what body part you would use to depict me...


I love you, Chesapeake Bay Woman, for making me feel not totally stupid about my Gubby confusion!

And thanks for all the clarification here, Laurie. I am extremely glad that the stories will continue. They make me (almost) inspired to write the saga of my own Asshatarific relationship... except I'm sure I can't tell it with nearly as much funny as you muster. :)


Option off the movie rights before some of your quick witted commenter's steal your gem of a story.So loving it

Ok, Where Was I?

Ok, sorry about that. But I guess after all these months my two year old felt the need to weigh in (while I was in the kitchen).

I like jealousy stories. They're never pretty. I have some of my own, and I that's not bragging.

I wish I thought that was too much assery to exist in one person. That would mean I didn't know one. And that would mean that I wouldn't know that there is much more to tell.

I'm kind of interested in the wedding and the girlfriend/wife (or husband, but that was a different ex, right?).

Ok, Where Was I?


Mental P Mama

Well, now I just have more questions. Can't wait for more.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I'm glad to finally know about Gubby, because I was cornfused on that one, but I stay cornfused most of the time.

Also, you can rest assured that Devil Asshat will not change his ways just 'cause he's married. I feel very sorry for that poor wretched woman, she has a life of misery in front of her.

Good for you for getting out and moving on!

Can't wait for more stories. These were great.

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