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May 29, 2008


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The Mom Bomb

Fun! Fun! Fun! Here's hoping your return back to the everyday drag isn't too traumatising.


Wow, that's a much longer drive than I would undertake with my dear in-laws. We all vacationed for a week in the Bahamas in their (very modestly sized) timeshare in February. There's a very good chance that won't happen again. Love 'em to death, just not to be in close quarters for more than like one overnight.

Hope you had fun. We are heading to Vegas in October to celebrate our wedding anniversay. WITHOUT the offspring! Or the in-laws.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

OK, it is official. Your being on vacation has totally disrupted my very rigid Rain Man-like routine of coming here every morning right off the bat and commenting. So, I'm commenting twice on the same post.

Hope you enjoyed your sweaty journey and have the energy to blog about the trip.



Everyone is traveling! I want to go, but it's too late to ask if I can babysit while you guys have fun! Many, many long long car trips with son...oh gosh! Have a nice time other than the road trip part!! Take pics and share!


How do some people who have young kids go on vacations and have a good time doing it? I just get super grouchy.

I hope you don't get super grouchy.


I am so green with envy!
Enjoy and keep us posted with your usual funny wit and take on life.

Mental P Mama

I hope you remembered the vodka...

ok, where was I

I'm traveling as well, so I don't know if I should read your other post. I mean, I want to, really, but what if it makes me not even want to go? B/c I already kind of feel like that just thinking about trying to change dvds in the back seat from the driver's seat. Oh, and all the whining. And the inevitable diaper leaks in the car seat. And the traffic as I drive all the way around Chicago.

Can't wait to read about it.


Good luck!! And do have fun.

Happy birthday, Sparky!

Funny coincidence: my mom's going to be in Vegas this weekend, too! She'll be the lady (probably) overdressed, always in skirts or dresses, wearing a wide-brimmed sunhat, even indoors. After all you're bound to run into her, Vegas being such a small place of few people. Tell her hi from me. ;)

Chesapeake Bay Woman

As long as you're in the back seat and not driving and have sooo much time in front of you, I have some travel tips.

First, buy a 12 oz coke or pepsi, and dump it out immediately. Refill the bottle with red wine and put the cap on it (the coke or pepsi bottle). Every few miles, remove cap and tilt head back. Swallow.

Rinse, repeat, as needed.

Trust me, it works.

Grandma J

I love, love Reno, except two years ago on New Years Eve, when I flew in there to drive to Tahoe...at midnight in a blizzard, driving a rented Taurus..no chains, no snow tires, no 4WD. The only car on the road, which was lucky for anyone who might have crossed our paths because we weren't giving up one inch of the only 4 ft. wide sliver of snow laden road (the narrow road down south, not Rt. 80 which was closed). We ended up in a quaint cabin for a week because thats how long the roads were closed because of snow, and Reno was flooded, and all flights were canceled anyway. Have fun on your Excellent Road Trip..maybe sing "row, row, row your boat, in rounds". Or pretend your sleeping.
Travel safely, and have a blast in Las Vegas BABY! I'm going next month so leave some money!


Good luck on the trip. I wish you long naps and flawlessly working AC the whole way along.

Also, that picture of Mantle Man was so worth it. Now it's completely obvious that you MUST set him up with MommyPie -- have you STUDIED that picture of her and MP on her site? They are both *wearing diapers on their heads*. Kismet, I tell you.

Madame x

goodbyeeeee.....throw a quarter in the machine for mx.

if they put Mx in the back seat....they better give her a barf bag.


Have fun, if you can manage it. I once rode from Paris to Normandy in the back seat of a Citroen with Big Brother - talk about the trip from Hell!!

Shade and Sweetwater,

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