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May 26, 2008


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Jessica K

Those are great! From now on I'm taking a lesson from you in how to classify my tunes. :)


Love it! I usually feel compelled to waste a lot of time figuring out what the songs are, precisely- your way is a lot more fun.

I like coming up with titles for my playlists- I have "Rainy Days", "Myths and Legends", "Shake Yo' Ass", "Sunday Afternoon", "Crystal Grove". . .

Mantel Man

Your readers' comments are hilarious! They reminded me that my own iTunes playlists include names such as

"Hammock Music"
"Freaky New Age" (shut up, Laurie)
"George Is My Friend"


"Shut Up and Kiss Me"

That last one came about when I compiled some music to put on my nighttime scuba diving videos and then realized, "Hey, this sounds like makeout music..."

And now it is.


Hmmmm, and all along I should've been classifying Kate Bush as "eclectic girl with screechy voice my husband has a crush on".

Very amusing!

The Mom Bomb

How funny is it that you labeled your screen shots as "unidentifiable french crap"

Apologies to any Frenchies who may be reading.

Madame x

Ha! I have a catagory that I put all my schamltzy stuff in called:

'Downloaded for other people'

So when my kids inherit the thing...they won't roll their eyes at the Dean Martin;@

Madame x

Ha! I have a catagory that I put all my schamltzy stuff in called:

'Downloaded for other people'

So when my kids inherit the thing...they won't roll their eyes at the Dean Martin;@

Suzanne Broughton

Good tips. I like to make playlists with titles like: "Roll down your window and just drive music" (B-52's, Feist...) or "when I feel really down and want to stay that way" (Morrissey, Lloyd Cole...)

I only have one "Track 1" download and it is Dave Matthews "Crash"...wonder what I should call it? Dave the stalker.


Ooooh oooh! Nasal whiney voiced guy - is probably like Radiohead!


awesomely hilarious!! makes me want to send you a compilation CD (a favorite hobby of mine since back in the "tape" days) with all the identifying info deleted, just to see what you'd come up with!

All Adither

You clever girl, you.


Yes, well, I can't do any of this download stuff myself. So husband does it for me. Which is why, in the middle of my rockin' upbeat workout mix there suddenly bursts onto the scene Laurie Berkner (of Noggin, Sprout, and Nick Jr. fame) melodically singing the ABC's. It's very difficult to run to that music. AND YET, I am such a ding-a-ling when it comes to these sorts of electronics that I've never deleted the song. So, your song titles are a serious one-up on me.

Unrelated: where's the sidebar list of your favorite posts? I keep looking for it so I can read more of them, but it's not here. I did put up one of my own, but since you've been reading my blog since about 2 months after I started it, I'm not sure if there's anything there you haven't seen... :)

Grandma J

You are years ahead of me. I'm lost with the music download stuff. I didn't have a problem loading all my cds to my PC years ago,and then later to my Sony MP3 (or whatever it is I bought that the cashier mumbled "hmmm wonder why she's buying this). I have loads of cards with free music downloads, including one for 35 free songs that came in my Cinemark goodie bag. Maybe I'll sell it on ebay.

Mantel Man

Well, that explains the title of the compilation CD you made for me: "INCONTHEIVABLE!!!"

You clearly found it more efficient to describe the entire album at one go.

Mental P Mama

Now that is funny. My kids organize my stuff. I will be lost when they go off to school.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

HAAA!!!! My favorite is Couldn't Possibly be a Whole Album of This Stuff. I LOVE IT.

If I knew how to work anything with an i- in front of it, I'd do the same thing.

It's sad, really.

Thanks for the first laugh in, oh, more than several days.

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