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May 14, 2008


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ok, where was I

That's some outfit!


So, I just stopped by to lob a TOMATO, but after some soothing music, a big burrito, a glass of wine and some deep thoughts, I'm ready for a nap.


Oh My God! My 3 favorite shows! Hey tomorrow night is wrap ups for two of them. And to mine, and yours I'm sure, they are one hour each for office and Earl.
Have you watched the Brit version of the Office? Tina Fey is also brilliant writer


Oh My God! My 3 favorite shows! Hey tomorrow night is wrap ups for two of them. And to mine, and yours I'm sure, they are one hour each for office and Earl.
Have you watched the Brit version of the Office?


Oh, you sneaked in there, TJ -- I didn't come up with the idea I STOLE IT, ha ha.

And the cute guy in the middle is -- was -- Cat Stevens many moons ago. He now looks more like an Imam than an Aye-Mama. ;)


Cheeky, I'm fairly certain we're twins, although my butt might make us triplets. Let's get together over a burrito and some red wine and discuss it.

Debbie, for some reason I took something challenging and made it freaking impossible. I'm stupid like that, but I'm glad you liked it I did, too!

MPM, I always want both of those, but wine is largely frowned upon at breakfast.

Hey Hallie! Nice to see you. Isn't this a great format? It's not supposed to be in threes, but my comment above should explain that.

Hey AG, does an oatmeal stout count as a breakfast drink? Because it might go nicely with the Mini Wheats.

MT, who could NOT love Peanut M&Ms, except maybe those allergic to peanuts, and even then . . . :)

LOVE Led Zeppelin, MamaMo. I'm all about inconsistencies.

Madame X, the Mini Wheats don't fit through the built-in straw too well, but you're pretty close!

Man alive, Grandma J, I'm glad you're safe! And conveniently in a purified state, too. Be safe today, and get some sleep.

And now, since I forgot to say this on the actual post, consider all of yourselves TAGGED for this meme, if you want to be. Click on Grandma J's or Cortney's links at the end of my post to get better directions than I gave.

Thanks for the nice comments -- you all make my day, every day!

( s m i l e )


...I love this! What a new spin on the ol' mundane worn out 'meme'! This is gonna be the new standard I can see it now! Way to go 'foolery'! ;o)

...And who's the cutie(#2) in your music selection? Otchie-wah-wah! ;o) And I love Earl and, "oh snap!", the other one too...The Office! That's my fav'! :o)

...Cute post!

...Blessings... :o)

Grandma J

Wow. You took something ordinary and cute and turned it into a freakn' work of art! I love it. Your cup of coffee looks so real to me right now because I just got up. I spent most of the night and morning in my closet with my memory foam mattress topper wrapped around me waiting for the apocalypse. My soul is now the purest it has ever been, because I prayed and repented for all my sins, and I forgave everyone who sinned against me.
I don't know about living in a state that has tornados flying around all night long.

OK, I just remembered, this isn't my blog...but I feel better now,

madame x

I love the mental image of Foolery sitting on the back porch in the morning, eating frosted mini wheats from a bowl with a built in straw....

humming moonshadow...

you renegade:)


Nice to meet ya! and, oh. my. gosh. we have the exact same taste in music, if... (I know you like opera, how about Led Zepplin?)
Did you steal that last photo out of the dictionary under the word "redundant"?!!
And if you haven't seen the movie "Romero" with Raul Julia, you MUST rent it TONIGHT!!


I love this. Peanut M&Ms and red wine? Hello, soul sister!


Meme too on the frosted mini wheats!

What an excellent Meme! Love the format!


This may be the best meme format I've ever seen!!

Hallie :)

Mental P Mama

This is fantastic! Love it, and feel like we all know you so much better. Now I want some Frosted Mini Wheats. And some wine.


I just KNEW there would be 3 pics of computer ROFL! This is the neatest way of doing a meme I've seen...love it and you are just so funny!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

How many times can I say YOU'RE HILARIOUS. (Answer: a lot.)

We have too much in common. The Raul Julia crush is scarey. I LOVED him and saw him in a play once. It was one of the highlights of my life.

Elvis Costello-check.
Mexican food and red wine- check, and check(with a BIG check going to the wine.)

The computer is my life, and I love The Office.

I'm telling ya, we might be twins.

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