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May 17, 2008


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We just had a short stint in Disney World, and the jury's still out on what they will most remember. But last time, it was definitely the tram that drives you from your car to the park gate.

Yup. The tram ride through the parking lot trumped all.


I am sure the carnies WERE Smedley's adoring fans!

Also--Grandpa's about (ahem) aggressive curiosity"--yeah, we have that here, too!


I am sure the carnies truly WERE Smedley's adoring fans!

Also--"Grandpa's 'aggressive curiosity'" Oh yeah! That's the way Grandpas come around here, too.

Mental P Mama

You know, they move from cows to princesses almost overnight...


Oh, the fair. We always go with my dad too. No matter how long he stands at the trout pool, determined to catch a fish for MP; no matter how excited she is to take it off the hook and toss it back; I'm convinced all she'll remember are the RIDES. *sigh*

Grandma J

Ah, what memories they have. The one thing I miss is the Orange County Fair which surprisingly hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. Well except for the fact that the concerts aren't free anymore. The last time I went with a young grandchild we rode an elephant named Rosie.


Oh I love going to the fair! It was a big part of my childhood summers. It's seems early for a fair. Ours are usually when our weather is a little more reliable.

I like your new photo on your main page.


I love this post. We took our kids to the State Fair last year for the first time; I'd never been to one either -- which is what happens when you grow up in a city. It was fabulous. I can't wait for this summer's fair.

On another note: I am most impressed by your girls' astonishing time travel abilities. How did they like 1986? More importantly, how did they get there? :) That's very cool.

Have a nice weekend, my friend.

Madame x

Grandpa(s) are the best... aren't they?

Mrs. G.

Sadly, royalty trumps the average joe. Life is just not fair.

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