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April 05, 2008


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Ai yi yi. Those re-runs will NEVER go away.

Myron Cohan

Some body needs a rap across the lips. Just trying to figger out who.


I hope someone has brought the plight of these poor people to the attention of the U.N. - surely something can be done.


The second one is just wrong. Shockingly wrong.

Rick's Cafe

I thought EVERY married woman would do just about anything to get their husbands to take them dancing. Now I'm hearing that women are picky about the music and type of dance...that there are minimum standards? This shatters years of stereotyping - I'm traumatized! Does this mean I've been wasting my money on square dance lessons....?


You may be thankful not to be them, and not to define "One toke over the line" as a "modern spiritual." But honestly? I would be incredibly thankful to have that much dancing energy in my feet when I'm 148 years old. What a role model! :)

On the other hand, thank goodness those butterfly pinafore dresses are out of fashion. I am wearing one almost exactly like it in my first grade class picture, but I had NO IDEA grown women were subjected to that fashion as well.

faux ho ho

it's a tragedy, when the feeling's gone and you can't go on, it's a tragedy.


The only worse off than those people would have to be on Hee-Haw or maybe the poor bastard who operates MoTays laugh track.

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