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March 21, 2008


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Bob Cleveland

Chatty, a "meme" is simply an idea or trait that spreads rapidly through a culture. Kind of like a computer virus spreads from computer to computer.

And it's pronounced "meem".


Your blog is always so much come to visit... let's see six words....hhhmmmmm....

"It's a row that I hoe"

The Mom Bomb

(Picture me bowing down before you): I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Excellent memes, friend.


Hi - I was perusing comments over at Jenn's and thought yours was fun - so I drifted on over, and here I am! I don't understand this whole "meme" thing - I'm new to blogging, and have been meaning to ask someone - what does "meme" mean, really? More importantly, how do you pronounce it? I think it would be really funny if the answer was "ME! ME!"
Anyway,isn't it great that we can find new blogging friends just by reading comments people leave on other people's blogs? Happy Easter, and I'll be back to check on your adventures soon...

Bob Cleveland

Incidentally, my six words for me would be "If I'm OK, we're all sunk".

Bob Cleveland

My six words for your first six words?

"I'm glad you didn't say Alaska."

(I would have had to bought a plane ticket and rented a car.)


Aww, thanks! I'll get right on that...as soon as I'm done ranting (about something else) and drooling(over a hottie in a bathing suit)(hi, my name's K and I'm a female chauvinist)(but he really is drool worthy)

Shade and Sweetwater,

ok, where was I

I thought I was just here, but you've got like three more posts. I'm so hungry for a twinkie right now. I don't let myself buy them b/c I can eat the whole box, fending off the kids so I can have them myself. Talk about a big ass.

And fyi: your comment about squeaking actually made me clap my hands. I don't even know what I was doing, but I snorted and they just clapped spontaneously in approval. I'm surprised you can't hear my squeaking from California.

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