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March 02, 2008


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Ok, Where Was I?

I think that could be a meme: 5 things you've bought after drinking at 3 am.

Yuck, this totally brought back bad flashbacks. I was with someone who thought himself a writer AND artist (was I lucky, or what?!), and so anything I ever attempted got a smirk. He felt so embarrassed for me. Wasn't that gracious of him? And what did he do? Um...that would be nothing. He was one of those writers and artists who didn't produce writing or art.

Jessica Keith

Oh man, the male ego at it's worst. Why is it so hard for them if we're better at something?
I kept waiting for you to say you looked up from your painting and he was wearing the hat. :)


Aren't those insecure boyfriends the absolute worst? I had one of those for three years. It took a marriage proposal (to which I had the smarts to say "NO!") to make me see that this was a huge waste of time. Nick Asshat is a total Asshat, no matter what his actual real name is.


Nick is SUCH a dork.

Asshat really is perfect for him.


Poor Nick - you burst his artistic bubble. Guess he should have taken that $3000 offer when he had the chance!!

Hallie :)

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