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March 15, 2008


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mamma likey da first un

Bob Cleveland

The middle one is the one. It shows soul.

Ok, Where Was I?

You're totally cute! And no, I'm not buying the Pollyanna gig.

Jessica Keith

I would never have pegged you for a Pollyanna. I totally am, and that was one of my favorite movies when I was little, bad acting and all!
As for the pictures, in pic number one, you look like you should have your own fox news show. I could see that lady slamming political candidates all over the place!


blurry AND self-effacing is a good look on you - I'd never be able to pull it off! ;-)
Seriously though, I like the new profile picture. It is possible to be cheery and have a biting sense of humor, at least that's what I like to tell myself; though it requires a touch of "frijoles" to do. In all honesty, your sense of humor would totally cream my sense of humor on the playground.


Oh, I love the smile much better than "the sneer of what are you up to?"


Wow, that's interesting; I never thought of it that way. I think the problem is that I am SUCH a freaking Pollyanna in real life -- the kind of idiot who answers the phone at 3:00 a.m. as if she's been awake for hours, fresh as a daisy -- that I rather like showing my grumpy, skeptical side. I'll be nice now.


I love the new pics, actually. (Though I miss Mrs. Beasley, just a little.) The smile, however, casts a whole new tone to the entire blog. You suddenly seem like one of those friendly people who smile at me over the eggplants and make me want to say "hello" even though I've never met them. Before, you seemed like a totally tough mom who brooked no nonsense when it was time to comb out the tangles after bath time "SIT STILL!" It made how funny you were a little intimidating. But in a good way.

So now you have to decide: cheery lady or fiercely funny one?

Interestingly, I think the picture you like best conveys much of same sentiment as the Mrs. Beasley one.

Also, sorry for writing a novel. I am drinking coffee and Husband is dancing with the kids, so I might as well type drivel and revel in Sunday morning...

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