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February 17, 2008


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Shower Stalls

I think its her ass that makes her ass look big.

Poot Von GottBlutt

Oooooooo K, maybe she's got a German Shepard thats fond of her........

Where to hide during a Nuklear attack

OK, so just how does that uhh, uhhh, (loss for words) whatever, wipe her butt? I can't imagine her arm being long enough even if she went by the 'great circle' route.



Oye , Oye, Oye!


Oh no, not wearin' the thongs lately. "Tightly-strung pork roast" about describes it, shudder.

Sorry, Poots -- go over to Annie's and let loose!

Poots is sweating bullits

I'm really tryin hard to stay quiet on this one

The Mom Bomb

What -- no backless panties? You are fierce for wearing the butt-floss: I'm too scared to attempt, as I also suspect I'd look like a strung-up pork roast. A fatty, strung-up pork-roast.

Ava Von Snarky

Personally I am a granny pany kind of girl. I am already pretty uptight so one more thing up my ass always agitated me. But you should always wear what you feel comfortable in.

Mr. Von Snarky just came home recently with his wholepocket of his butt pocket torn off. It was like his butt was trying to escape.

My most embarrasing wardrobe malfunction would have to be the first day of seventh grade, I was wearing bright white new overalls, and I started my period. I don't think I need to say anymore. about that.

Snorpht of E. Mesa

Tink I gonna just keep my mouth shut on this one.


Oh, sigh, I remember when I could still wear a twelve. Whimper. In, umm...elementary school.

As for wearing the thong, as they say in the South: Well bless your heart!

I've never worn one, not even when I could have done so without looking like a tightly-strung pork roast. Aren't they uncomfortable? Like an all day wedgie?? Better you than me, sugar!

At least you were smart enough to pack an alternative.

Shade and Sweetwater,


I think any woman in the midst of gestating can be forgiven a wardrobe malfunction!

Chas gets points for surviving the question, but a huge deduction for not saying "while I appreciate your rear view, are you sure you want to leave the house like that"!

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