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February 22, 2008


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You totally and completely forgot Best Supporting Eater -- that chubby non-gourmond friend/relation of Remy's who pushes him to cook ever better by not appreciating the delicacy of fois gras -- or whatever it is they trashpick. But I'm impressed to see how well and carefully you've watched your one movie all year that you remembered ALL their names. I have no idea about most of them. Which is pretty much always where I am on Oscar's weekend. And your Cookware prize is genius. So, you're way ahead of me. You must be so proud!

Yummy Mommy

I think I'd like to hear more about these sordid feverish domestic dreams! Sounds interesting!


I love your picks. As you know Pixar movies rock my world. I think there's room there for Remy's dad in best change of heart!

Thanks for making my morning so happy!

Jessica Keith

Ratatouille was Grant's first movie to see in the theatre. Therefore I remember nothing about it except him throwing popcorn on the patrons in front of us, and scream/talking to the ones behind. I was the only one amused. ;)

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