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February 12, 2008


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suburban kamikaze

Ay Chihuahua.


Ha Dora the explorer, Saturday Night Live did a skit like Dora it's funny I had to find it and copied a link here so you can check it out.


The last picture looks like a Dora's mommy's aid, and I don't know what it's called in Spanish ;)

The Mom Bomb

I'm still laughing over this post. You have no idea how I loathe that %$^&*! Dora. She shouts every single line like a Pop Warner cheerleader. And the songs? "I'm the map, I'm the map . . ." "Backpack! Backpack!" I'm convinced that somewhere in Japan, these songs throw some viewers into an epileptic fit.

Snorpht AquaPoot

It's all a plot by Vincente Fox. The marketers planned it that way. It's a move to take over the US, women first. It injects a mind control drug.

So, what do thing the odds are that at least one chickie was sitting at home alone just sort of staring at little Dora there and just finally decided "awww, what the hell"?


Hiya Poots! Just betting that you've never intentionally purchased any phallic -- I mean BLATANTLY phallic -- toys for the Little Pootstress, right? The fact that none of the test marketers thought the shape a bit off-putting is DISTURBING.

DISTURBING. I said it again. MWAHH!

Snorpht AquaPet er , ahhhhh.....AquaPoot

Boring ChickiePoos..


OMG, I remember when that toy came out, I was thinking..."Uh, no". That's it, just NO.

Thankfully we're completely done with Dora and have moved on to other horrific crap on TV.

Ava Von Snarky

What the hell is an Aquapet anyways? It looks like the last picture will make you scream in spanish as well.

Disturbing! But funny as hell. :)

Diego the Dago

Jessie, baby!

If you 'don't know what to say after that last picture', may I suggest....

Ride'm CoooooowBoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Then curry me down."


Yes, I speak a little Spanish and I can barely understand her...and it's not that I learned from someone with a different accent or something...it's that I learned from someone who didn't SHRIEK every single word he spoke. I take consolation from the fact that I sometimes can't understand her in English either. And I speak that purty good. Which is why I get it that Son counts in Spanish like this: 'uno, dos, tres, cor-tro, saayz, sink-to, och-to, say-tay, nine, day-ays.' And yet I'm grateful that at least he knows there are other languages than English. And he does seem to get that SCREAM isn't another language. So that's something. But I don't think Dora gets credit for that. I think that part is in spite of Dora. But without her, how would I find the time to comment here? :)

Jessica Keith

Hmmm... What is there to say after that last picture? Culturally diverse indeed.

Poots Caps Dora the Ho'ra

Hmmmm Dora, a toy for the (w)hole family.

I hate the [A REALLY SPECIAL SENTIMENT THAT THE PUSHY MANAGEMENT PREFERS TO KEEP ALL TO HERSELF, SORRY] and I'd [DO SOMETHING] if my kid didn't actually learn a lot from that taco bending [TERM OF ENDEARMENT].


O, and Good Morning, Ladies.........


You know... I did want to comment and now I've changed my mind. Um.... yeah... still no. But thanks!


Oh. My. God. Really? Really??


When I got to the bottom of this post, I laughed out loud.

I hope we're past the Dora stage now, because I may never be able to watch it again. You've scarred me.

Shade and Sweetwater,

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