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January 14, 2008


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Inquiring Poots want to know

So, in the rack he was.............


If only, *sigh*. Chas and I were talking about him last night, and there's SO much material there -- stuff I can't ever use, because it would either get back to him, or because it involves other people, or both. Believe me, it's a treasure trove. The worst part about it is, on some level I still like the guy and, let's face it, I still have some contact with him occasionally through mutual friends, so I'm really taking chances as it is.

Some day, Alice, some day . . . I'll tell the whole story.

The Mom Bomb

Admit it: This Nick Asshat is a creature of your imagination. It's impossible for so much assery to exist in one human being.


Oh Hell! Honey! We are on to the Port! To heck with that Gin! Have you ever played pass the port with a good tawny?

This is one of those Kinda-Sorta situations that ya just wish you could castrate the man and save many a woman from misery. Sorry Fellows, but theirs a few culls in you gender... okay yes, in our gender too.


Cripes... What was a high class girl like you doing with a... what was the term... "Happy Acres Mobile Home Park" loser like Nick?

I need to go take a shower.

Drop by for the contest when you get a chance!


If this keeps up Nick is going to have a strange cult following on the internet. lol

Is he in politics or journalism now? ha ha ha ha

Jessica Keith

Oh.my.gosh. I cannot believe he did that to you. Since you didn't have a cocktail and a french cig, did you at least smash your beer bottle over his head and flick your Marlboro in his general direction? He deserved at least that.
And Booty? That's just the funniest name you've come up with yet. :)


DRAT! You caught me, Jeff. Wink, wink.

Jeff Culbreath

So, uh, you really were born female, right? 'Cause if you wasn't them country doctors sure-nuff did one heck of a job. :-)


Hi Sarah -- welcome! There's a small archive of Nick Asshat building up . . . but it's only the tip of the Nick iceberg, actually.

Snorphty, WHAT?! You no like my mental purges? I guess I'm just cleaning house. There is so much more crap to write about Nick Asshat -- I could fill a book with the help of a few people and a bottle of tequila -- but I have to be just a little bit careful, you know? And no, no snow, or any of those other things (you sweet talker you).

-- Laurie

Sarah is Ok

Hello, linked from...uh...I think maybe Yummy Mommy. This is funny--looking forward to reading more.

Sweet Talking FingerPoot

Are you , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....OK?

Been snowed in too long? Cabin Fever? That time OTM? Found that Purple Haze you lost in '74?


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