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January 21, 2008


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You'd better hope that there never becomes a Donkey Union because they would sue you for defamamtion of character with the references to the simian asshat. LOL

BTW Sierra Nevada is great, if you like green beer, not talkin bout the color mind you, so us coinasured drinkers of properly aged beverages will also poke a funny eye at you. ;)

Sarah is Ok

Aahh, "One more round." I think all of us girls have fallen for that one. And I believe I've also fallen for that blow-chunks-all-over-my-shirt approach too. So sexy!

San AntonePoot

Hey, I can handle it (a TeaHass pic, not the Sierra Nevada, yuck).


You are safe, dear Poots, as Asshat is a Coors man. It was just too much to hope to find a donkey drinking Coors, I guess.

ALTHOUGH I have to say that, as a long-time Chicoan, a Chico State grad and a member of the Chico work force, I am a Sierra Nevada drinker, and we Sierra Nevada drinkers smirk at your Budweiser proclivities.

No pictures forthcoming; no one deserves that kind of eye trauma.

SnorphtWieser BudPoot

Laurie, me dear.
Is the fact that yer ass up there is drinking a Bud some sort of ahhhhhh.... subliminal inferance or ahhhhhh.. subtle referance to a certian ahhhhh....Budwieser imbibing FingerPoot?

And speaking of asses, wheres my pic? I wanna see TeaHaas

The Mom Bomb

I'm in awe of your relevant-donkey-image-gathering skills!

Ursula J. Haffenkaup und alles

I recognized Nick Asshat from the photo and had to comment. Nick Asshat has been here also before he moved your way. He used to drink Old Milwaukee though. He was, as they say, an asshat.
Your reading fan,

Jessica Keith

Wow, I didn't know they made guys like that in real life. I thought only tv writers could come up with a guy that bad. yikes

scuse me ma'am, but I work for Heidi Fliess

Yea, but was he any good in the rack?

Cheryl McCoy

ha!! ye haw!! ye haw!! ye haw!! ye haw!!
none of nick's behavior shocks me any more, but those pictures made me long for a box of depends.

love ya swams

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