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January 31, 2008


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Snorphtys sniffin fer Chickeipoo

Well Sarah, I guess you just haven't lived yet, have you?

And don't bite your tongue, bite Mine!


Okay, I'm on board I just need a day or two :)



And just so you know, those cheerleaders were in a Gay Pride parade, apparently. Now if someone Googles Robert Plant they may get Gay Pride cheerleaders. How mean was THAT?!

Sarah is Ok

This post let me spend more minutes than I ever have imagining what it would be like to go to the bathroom over a hole. Over my life I've gone in my pants, a toilet, an outhouse, a pool, a shower, outside, a lake, a bedpan, and a catheter, but never a hole.

I thought you were going to tell us you were a cheerleader. That was a close one.

The Mom Bomb

"Pioneer Days"! Them's sounds like good times. We had "Aggie Days".

Tag MY poots

Back in Chicago, when you 'tagged' a ChickiePoo, it meant a bit more than just 18 minutes of yak yak.


Can I hate/love you? I really hate me.me.me things yet when you tag me and I so yearn for the day we can sit and drink a really nice bottle of red wine together I wouldn't do one blazing thing to jinx it.

So damn it! I'll pull it off one way or another, but you are going to have to warsh my dually over this... hugs!


I love this series of facts, but I might even love your invented cheer (with photo, of course) better. Because it's just so perfectly 8th grade cheerleading as I remember it. Anyone who needs a pick-me-up daiquiri at 8am sounds like someone I would have loved to party with in college. I favored the pick-me-up Bloody Mary with a side of homemade Irish Soda Bread, personally -- but, then, I had a friend who liked to provide those, and in that state, one favors what is easy, no? Ok, did you need that fact about me? Probably not. But I figured I'd give back something in return for this little glimpse. Also, I'm finding this debate on TV a little boring, and writing silliness is far more fun...


If they were lies, they were good ones! Thanks for playing!


PS~ My dad told me about those same restroom accomodations in China. Yikes!

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