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December 19, 2007


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But they're so swirly and spiraly! That's what my ideas look like, anyway. :)


Hey, John sells those at HD so STOP making fun of them!!!

Thanks for the great comment on the blog - we are SOOOOO happy to have him home. And I agree, I thought Connor's poster was pretty cool!


Poots has a ticklish nose

Idealy, I'd like to have a 'before and after' comparo.

Poots has a ticklish nose

Not on their way out


Or pretty hairy.

Poots B Busted

Actually, I just like to hang out around those Brazilian places trollin fer hot wimmins. I figger a wommin that goes for a regular Brazilian gotta be pretty hot.

Bob Cleveland

You are anything BUT a dullard, young lady.


Not quite ready for summer, eh Snorphty?

Prissy Penelopie

Kind of looks like an IUD. Wudda ya think gurlz?

AND, anybody know a good Brazilian Wax parlor? I'm going on a cruise and need to chop back the wall to wall.

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