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December 11, 2007


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HungWell FingerPoot

THX Laurie, all that and Hung Like A Moose to Boot!


Found out last night that Nick is going to a reunion of sorts this weekend -- some of the old volleyball player gang. Chas asked one of them to take copious notes of any asshat behavior (HA! "any.") though he didn't tell the guy why. I'm expecting a barnburner, but not expecting any of them to be able to remember much.

Poots, you're not an asshat. You're a lot of things, but you're not an asshat.

Thanks for the black mark support, girls!


Jessica Keith

Uh, is Snorpht trying to say he's NOT an Asshat? K.
I've got more than my share of black marks (I dated musicians and sk8rs... 'nuff said.)

HungLike a Moose POOT

Yea but were out here as well......

The Mom Bomb

We all have black marks on our records. It's just the math: there are too many Asshats out there. We're outnumbered.


Nick just gets more and more interesting... Can't wait to read more!!


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