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December 26, 2007


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Oh Ang, that's AWESOME. I only wish I had that kind of nerve. LEAVING would've been such a good idea at that moment.

Ang in TX

Put a fork in, it's DONE!

This reminded me of my dating days- the jerk & I were sitting on the patio when a bird decided to bless me. He flipped and grossed out over the matter.., I excused myself to the ladies room, after wiping up my bird friends love, I hit the exit door and have never questioned the decision....


Thanks for standing up for yourself! I feel icky just reading about it! Yikes!


I think I would have said "Well, there is always a first time to be wrong now isn't there?"

I like the way you did things though. Also, you're right, it's not over till its OVER. It wasn't just you.

Snorpht KringlePoot

Hello gurlz,

Did you git wutchew wannted fer christmas? No?

Well ol St. NickPoot is here to make it up to ya'llz. Lets jes git 2getter and check out his 'bag o presents'.


Jessica Keith

What a jerk. You handled it well. I have no idea what I would have done!


Wow - I don't think even I would have known what to say. You certainly threw him a curve ball didn't you? :-)

Can't wait to hear more!


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