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December 29, 2007


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Happy PootYear

Let me be the first of the New year to offer this sentiment:


and many happy returns.

Ang in TX

Happy New Year Laurie! Enjoy your trip!

The Mom Bomb

This is bringing back all my childhood road trips from Auburn to Long Beach. We'd always stop at this horrendous diner The Milk Barn . . . you'd order a waffle and they'd serve you a half-frozen Eggo. But that was part of the charm.


Miss you too.


Happy New Year Swams

Jessica K

We used to be anti-travel dvd player, too. Until Grant found his voice that is. We could handle one boy talking at the top of his lungs non-stop, but add to that another one trying to be LOUDER to be heard... makes for some serious road-rageable situations! And that's before we ever leave the driveway. We only use it for long trips though.
Hope your week is fantastic, and also that you find time to update us here again. Happy New Year!


I demand that everyone gets a hug on my behalf. Or, well, tell them I said hi. Or something.


You better believe it's a big fat important football game!! Us New Englanders are freakin out!!! GO PATS!!!

What else do we have to do since we are buried in snow?


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