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November 24, 2007


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ok, where was I

I have been meaning to start at the beginning of these posts since I read my first one, which was recent. Sadly, though, this sounds like my follow-up relationship to Temistocoles. Yeah, I went downhill.


I see a guest post in your future, Miss Faux. "Would you like to see my shiny new BMW?"

Cheryl McCoy

i think he has a twin, or several. wait, that's not possible, genetically, is it? it must be a havioral issue then shared among boors and asshats at large.

some day, we must divulge the tales of emil the crazed israeli.



Sounds like some of the guys I partied with while I was in college.

Veteran partyers trained by the US military. Dem boyz never met a beer keg they didn't like or love.

Fortunately for me I was a trained civilian stoner from the bay area so I was able to keep up.

I believe you're right he wasn't following you, but stumbled on you and hoped to bum a few drinks to boot since he knew you. lol

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