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November 19, 2007


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Inger of the Muellenburg Clan

Dear Swams, I'm checking this Janet out. Does she pay per vowel? I can write, see me write.
I wonder if Janet is an uderstanding type of soul. Go Janet Go!! Swams, you're much too good for Janet. She don't know crooked letter, crooked letter, from hump back letter. Every one knows it spelled Misisipsi, except Janet.

The Mom Bomb

Don't despair. You're in good company: I think even the NY Times is written with the vocabulary of an 11 or 12 year old. You're just compensating for your mentally challenged readership.

Mantel Man

No! NO !!! Don't do Janet and Mark; those old books teach kids how to talk in a completely incomprehensible manner. I already have enough trouble understanding your girls.

"See, Janet. See the squirrel." Now who talks like that? We read those books as kids; I later became a journalist, and you became a blogger. Again I say, don't do it.

"Perish, Swami. Perish the thought."

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