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November 09, 2007


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Snorpht a good judge of ChickiePoo flesh

If ANY guy EVER trys to tell you he prefers short hair over long hair on a Chickiepoo, WATCH HIS ASS CLOSELY.

He is a lying dog sukker and cannot be trusted. Even worse, he thinks YOU are stupid enough to believe him.

OK, so heres the verdict:

>Hot with long hair.
>About as tolerable as possible with short.

Of course, no final decisions until I try'er out at a gallop and see the 'North Forty'.

Jessica Keith

Long hair with bangs = sexy, sassy Laurie
Short hair, no bangs = professional, perky Laurie.
It's a win/win really. You lucky girl.

Jeff in Idaho

Ipecac or echinacea? There is a difference.

Inger Muellenberg

Swams, it appears on the first photo that you have passed out. I love the long hair. I love the hair short. I love your hair short or long Swams. What you have to deal with Swams is that you won't be able to decide because it looks fabulous both ways.
Yours in hair indecision,


Nice hair ;)


I think I love you, Beta Mom. *sigh* And you know about Ipecac, too. *flutter*

Beta mom

So, I'm new here so this might be old news, but I see a definite Heather Locklear resemblence. If Heather Locklear was funny. or smart. or could spell "hair".
You'd better be careful, or Denise Richards might throw her bottle of ipecac syrup at you.

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