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November 28, 2007


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 FingerPoot Rocks


You ChickiePoos need to mix it up here a bit

Jeff Keith

Great answers. You make me laugh!

Poots wantz da see da GUDZ

Mebee, but Poots is nearsited and needs something big enough he can see to aim at w/o his glasses.


Ah, Poots, I've missed your witty banter. And by the way, the single best method of keeping the free world free doesn't involve Apache helicopters -- it's called "Laurie abstains from posting butt shots." Terrorists just don't need a target that big.

HOO rah.

Lights, Camera, FINGERPOOT

Yo Bossy, you could pony up some creamcheeze yoseff. Here I am werkin, my butt off to keep the free world free and all I get outta yalls is wimmin talk.

Come on now ChickiePoos, lets see the GOODZ.


Bossy thinks maybe Martha Stewart is missing the whole boat by not producing a coffee table book containing your Interior Design sensibilities.

MeMe FingerPoot

43. Why don't you post some cute butt shots?


This is why I check in here Swams. hahaha. I gather that you don't tune in to the Martha show? Tsk tsk. Throw that smoke detector on the floor in a pinch. It will beep awhile like a little cricket (saves money on those nature sounds relaxing cd's)

Ang in TX

Laurie, You crack me up! I loved your answers to #40 & #42. I do believe we have the same brand of smoke alarms. ;)

The Mom Bomb

God Almighty, a 42-question meme? Who's the sadist behind that baby? You responded admirably, though.


Jessie, THAT explains all the rings on my coffee table!

Miss 24, welcome! And I hate it when my benign household neglect turns to murderous Superfund biohazards like that, *sigh.*


I think our decor is about the same. I've started repainting the walls various colors though because the sweat stains on the old-t-shirt white were attempting to breed.

Jessica Keith

You are so funny! I have to say, though, I really hope you drink out of MELAMINE rather than MACRAME! Otherwise, you must have some leaky glasses (not to mention all the hemp bits floating around in there).
I'll try to post mine tonight!

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