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October 26, 2007


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Beta mom

"Gosh, y'all. Like, you know my momma was be best momma. Like, gosh, she totally helped me pick out those cute little catholic school girl outfits when I was fourteen - you remember the ones? The boys were like, "You sure are pretty", and my momma was like, "That will be one million dollars, please". And then we'd go to Dairy Queen and we'd buy, like, 1000 blizzards 'cause we was rich, y'all."

- an excerpt from Brittney Spears forward to her mother's upcoming book.

Snorpht SympatheticPoot

Mmmmmmmm Bumma.
Could be worse though. SpongeBob gets 'The Suds'.

So, do you guys have Halloween up der in Orland? And what do you do? Just keep going up to your own front door and give yourself candy? I mean just how much Halloween Opportunity is there on County rd O"?

Hope your better soon so I can get back to bantering yer drawers off sum mo.


Came down with the crud Monday, Poots. Went to bed at 6:00 last in my jeans and sweater and socks -- didn't care. I'm checking in tonight, but I haven't had much strength (much less bantering skill).

Snorpht (Social Directer) FingerPoot


Fer Cripes Sakes it be slow around here wit oot der Shnorphtinator.

Hey JuggyJane! Talk to me. Tell me what a ManPig I am. Go on, you know you want to. Geeeeeeeeeeezzz. Come on, haw bout we (I mean all you ChickiePoos and me, leaving all these MarginalMaleMundos to wring out their own limp dishrags) start a rousing game of Truth or Dare?
We could play 'zip code lottery bang bang'.
We could graduate to 'Adult Show and Tell' and then finish out with 'Where'd the DoggyPoot hide his bone'?

Come'on ChickiePoos, wheres the FUN?

Juggernaut Jane

Swami this is great in a bassackward way. Maybe lots of people will buy it and do the opposite of whatever her mother's advice is. I'm still wondering why Brittney cut her hair, but I'm not wondering too much. I can understand the umbrella car incident that CNN deemed worthy. I've often ran up to a car in the parking lot and just beat the hay hay out of it. Sometimes when a car gets smart, you have to. haha.

Jeff Keith

Oh.my.gosh. You've gotta be kidding me. I don't even know what else to say...

The worst thing is, lots of people will actually buy the book.

Mantel Man

Good thing the announcement was made just before Halloween, which also has a religious element.


It's okay, Anthony -- the irony would be COMPLETELY lost on that dingbat, anyhow.


The title itself is hilarious.

Spears' mother to write a parenting book or How to raise your children to be dysfunctional
or How to destroy your childs psyche so that they can never adequately function in life
How to raise your daughters to marry the right man
or How to teach your kids to make the right decisions in life

I could go on but mercifully I'll stop now.

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