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October 08, 2007


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very interesting. i'm adding in RSS Reader

Swami Dearest

Love to have you around, Miss Cate. But if I call you Aunt Cate -- or Cousin Rachel calls you MOM -- you'll understand why.


Swami, you're just a wonderful hick tawker. I can teach you more of that talk if you will help me speak the Western way. Oh Swami, you're a sweetheart. Perhaps together we can have someone respect our authoritie.
Swams, should I keep mouthing off here or go to your other blog? I'll just keep mouthing off here.


Oh, that's a keeper, Poots. Y'all better write that one in her baby book, or something.

Nanuck FIngerPoot

OK heres one fer ya'll.

Make a paaper airplane and brought it home for the baby. Tossed it and it flew. She tossed it and it flew. Then she asked:

Where's the remote?

About 6 months ago we were watching a guy w/a RC plane in the park.

And now, as tradition dicktates.......

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