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October 16, 2007


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Snorpht Versace-Vanderbilt ThongMeister

Come on LauFoo, you need a thong to go with that stuff!

I just hired myseff fo dat yob.

Eyez be bak wit the butt floss soon.

Jessica Keith

LOL! You crack me up. I think I would save the Chiquita Banana hat for your next tv appearance, though. Stick some AMMONDS on that bad boy and you'd be in business!

Juggernaut Jane

Swami dear, I do like the skirt, but the fruit turban is so so. It could work for the right person, but I can't see it. Maybe for an outing on the lake. Fruit is good for hydration. Swami today my blog is like yours. I had nothing but a photo of John McCain. I posted Hilary last week.

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