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September 18, 2007


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Heard an advertisement on the radio for

"Rob O Bank" lol


Mine's not a name, but the Decatur Radiator Company here in town has a great slogan "Best place in town to take a leak!"

Jeff Culbreath

I don't have any clever business names, but Wolfe Electric has a catchy slogan: "Let us remove your shorts."


Hey Rachel! Thanks for playing. I shall award you a virtual reality prize: two unchewed and only slighty furry Chiclets from the bottom of my tote bag, and a metal pencil sharpener shaped like a T-Rex.

E-mail me when you can and let us know what you're up to, okay?


Cousin Rachel here. Before I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I was unaware of the portable potty company here called "Honey Bucket." Not a scary name on its own, but when you think about what it's a bucket *of*... well, ew.

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