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August 27, 2007


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Yummy Mommy

I've been to Texas- twice. Does that count for anything???


I always thought Papa Doo Run Run did Beach Baby. Either way they were both Beach Boy wannabies.

Speaking of which maybe you and Brian can get together and talk about the difference between a B major and a Cb major chord ;)

It is quite common for rock songs to "steal" from classical songs. They can do this because those old songs are not copywrited so they are public domain.

Also Chord progressions cannot be copywriten because they are so common and are the building blocks of any song, only melodies can be copywritten.

I'm quite sure the progressions in Beach Baby were accidental and in no way were an illusion to a true classic of the ages.

Jessica K


Snorpht Climbs Mountians As Well.

Rite-O there Jessie. I do got me a hankering to saddle up and do a little siteseeing down there in TeeHas. HeeHawwwwwwww!

Maybe ya'll can get together and we can see the Grand TEETons at the same time.

And LauFoo. That IS a very nice new pic. Very self absorbed pose. Kind of like you were deep in though, sittin on the Kan and then some body snuk up with a camera, wung open the door and snapped your picure.

Jessica K

I just listened to Beach Baby, and I gotta tell you I didn't hear what you did! Still, I coulda made it my whole life without hearing that song!
Lookin' hot in the new pic, btw!
And I think you should put out a restraining order on Snorpht. This Texas thing is making him crazy! =P


I'm sitting on Texas at the moment.


I'm thinking about.......................................... Texas.


Happen to like Frank Sinatra, flat and all. Wouldn't matter to me one bit which way N.M. swings -- I can't listen to her. Rather grumpy today, eh, Snorphty? Sand in yer britches?

Snorpht, the 'other' White Meat

Frank sux. What a moron wannabe wop.
He can EAT! ME!
But never mind about that Natalie Merchant. You could never get her offa the carpet long enough. Donchyathink?

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