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August 13, 2007


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FingerPoot, the 'other' White Meat

It's far less of imagination and much closer to memorys.

Wow, did we get a Monsoon blast last nite. Pool is about 2.5 inches higher. Wave after wave of rippin T-Storms moved through. the wind was moving NW so keep an eye out for my patio furniture will ya?

When monsoon moves in it can really blast. A radio station used to give away prizes for calling in with the "weirdest thing last nites monsoon dropped in your yard".

O, and OK, time for a new pic. Lets see a little of where this LauFoo shakes it down.


That's what I love about you, Snorphty -- your overactive imagination and your stringent policy of politeness.


I should have finished that up with a nice warm and friendly:


Snorphts' shaggin 'em

Everytime I moved I would just just drool and think 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Fresh Feline'

See, I'm nice. I coulda said Pussy but I didn't.

Now that I think of it, coulda used PoonPang as well. Uh, next time......

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