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July 05, 2007


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MesaPoot Mike

So yer back? Toasted or no?

The dust storm lasted maybe about 2 hours. It got dark and I went upstairs so I didn't stare at it too long.

Brother in PHX? Where abouts?

Gotta roll, actually have work to do.

Yummy Mommy

Yikes- hope you survive! Remember your sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids! Gawd- what a mom I am! Have fun!

Toasty FingerPoot

almost fergot.

Ya'll can "Eat Me"!

Toasty FingerPoot

I don't know what weather forcast you get up there in Orland, but FooGrl, suprize surprize! It gonna be more like 116 when you're there.

Eyes Nose,
cause it wuz da same down hea in der 'Valley of the (surface of) the Sun.

Don't toast yer PaTooty too bad.

Holler when yer'all gits back.

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