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June 10, 2007


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Shower Stalls

Theres humor in every situation i think. Its the best way to go through life laughing.

I'm a traviln Snorpht


I hear you need some inspiration.
Sorry gurl, I gots ta get down, (downtown) 2day fer werk.
So I can't do no inspir'in today
But, tomorrow I'll be here and inspire you all
ober de plase.
Den on Wednesday, I'll roll you over and inspire you all over agin.

more pics pls

Jessica Keith

Where on earth did you dig up Handyman Dan anyway? If a friend recommended him, are you still friends? I am SO thankful that my brother can do all things handy (and his name is Andy... Handy Andy... ain't that cute?)and he doesn't mind helping his little sister out.

Just Back From Ft. WorthPoot


Man, nice steaks in Ft Worth.
I'm back but really busy. Friday I go to Indianapolis for the US Formula One Grand Prix. Meet my brother there and try to stay out of jail.

Have mtg, must roll.

Just told the Yummster she bitches too much so she may come here looking for me so I'm going to hide at my mtg.

later, LauFoo

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