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March 13, 2006


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Shower Stalls

shopping with children is the devil.


I was at the Post Office (another nightmare with kids) with my 2 boys, pregnant with my third. We'd been in line a loong time. I was tired, frazzled and SO ready to be out of there. We FINALLY get to the counter, and Littleman (then 3) looks over at the lady next to us, who is overweight.
"Mommy, why is her tummy so fat?"
Of course he's speaking loudly enough for the whole room to hear.
Paying for my postage, I shake my head at him slightly to signal that I am busy and can't talk about that right now. I'm hoping he'll drop it, but he is not to be deterred.
"Excuse me Mommy, why is her tummy so fat? Did she eat a BIIIG lunch and make her tummy full?"
Unfortunately I can see that the woman has stiffened- apparently she does not have a sense of humor about this. I lean down and quietly tell Littleman, "Some people's tummies are just bigger, and that's OK. But it's not polite to talk about it, so please think of something else to talk about right now. You might hurt her feelings." I told him.

He obliged, but I was quite embarrassed!

Ok, Where Was I?

LOL, two different shoes. OMG, I hate shopping. And do you know what I have to do today? My six year old was big into old people for a while. He'd say, simply, "Mom! That guy is OLD." My two year old is just interested in "guy." We were standing in waiting room getting the oil changed, and there was a man seated there. He just repeated "guy, guy, guy" for 9 minutes.

Jerry Kloberdanz

I have found that duct tape is particularly effective during excursions to the grocery...even just the threat of the overly adherant grey bonding strips(phrase borrowed from "Toy Story") seems to work very well, as my children have developed deep mental scars. Not only does it prevent the occasional off-colored observation of other shoppers, but is wonderful for securing little hands and feet to the shopping cart; after the free shopper cookie is voraciously disposed of, the tape still has enough sticky left to clean-up crumbs, and finish the original job or securing said little ones. Just my way of helping...

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