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January 25, 2006


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LOL, what a humorous first post - love it! :-) yeah, I'm guessing you already figured out how I got here...some 3.5 yrs after the fact.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking your 1st blog post. My filthy mouth gets away from me...but it's not as bad as Mel Gibson's.
Have a beautiful day!


Stopping by through “first post” linky :)


As often as you can say it. Go for it!

Eat the PootMaster


how bout that?

is 'EAT ME' allowed?


Stunningly simple, remarkably revealing, honestly homey(word!,not that kind of homey),
idealically(sp?) illustrated, cleverly crafted, magnificently mundane, astoundingly abnormal(aby something or other), too tired to keep up the alliteration sting, so have your agent call my agent and we'll do lunch sometime. No, really.


Have YOU brought the goods?

Damn Ass Butthead

Don't you have some yardwork or something to do?

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